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Top 5 Training Aids for Your Golf Game

I asked ChatGPT for the best training aids for your golf game (Because ChatGPT knows everything, right?!). Here’s the list it came up with:

  • Alignment Sticks

  • Putting Mat

  • Swing Analyzer Like Arccos Golf (I wouldn’t necessarily call that a swing analyzer, but perhaps a game analyzer?)

  • Golf Launch Monitor

  • Training Aids for Short Game

Personally, it’s a little lackluster and I’d still be confused if I were looking for ways to improve my golf game. I think alignment sticks should be in any golfer's bag, especially for those who play plenty of golf. They are absolutely necessary for working on alignment and can be used in a variety of ways when you’re working on club path or on specific movements. If you want to see how to utilize them, then check out the YouTube video below.

I also like that there are two short game suggestions within that list. I think that the average golfer doesn’t spend enough time working on their short game, which is where they will make up the most strokes in a round of golf.

Realistically, a launch monitor is too expensive for most of us since you’ll want something that gives you path and face information. Now, there are some tools on the market that are great for distance measuring. That’s certainly good knowledge to have! I recommend looking into the FullSwing Kit, the Foresight GC3, and on the slightly more affordable side, I think the Garmin Approach works great. I haven’t personally used the Garmin Approach, but I’ve heard through the driving range vine that it works well. I’ve personally used a Foresight GC Quad for several years now!

Here’s one of the best things Chat GPT wrote:

“Keep in mind that the best training aids for you will depend on your specific weaknesses and goals in golf. It's a good idea to work with a golf instructor or coach to identify which areas of your game need improvement, and they can recommend specific training aids that will be most beneficial for you. Additionally, regular practice and dedication to improving your skills are just as important as the tools you use.”

Bang on! Work with a coach or instructor and figure out what weaknesses you have before you decide to purchase an expensive training aid. A second set of eyes is worth it when you’re working on training different movements in your golf game!

Now, onto the fun stuff! Once you have a coach or instructor, or have done some online lessons with me, here’s my list of training aids that I think can help all golfers!

The ability to move the arms and body through the hitting area in an efficient manner is absolutely KEY to great impact. This training aid will not only help you move your arms better, but the majority of the time that I get players using this, they use their body WAY MORE! Honestly, there isn’t a golfer out there that couldn’t use their body more. I have had many students purchase this over the years and it always seems to stay in their bags after we use it, so it must be good!

Tour Striker Smart Ball

Control the lead wrist, control the club face. Most golfers struggle with face control in their golf games, myself included. This attaches to the golf club and as long as you keep your forearm against the training aid, you’ll have better face control when swinging. To make it most effective, speak to a teaching professional to ensure it’s set the right way and that you’ve got a grip that will help you. Otherwise, it’s a great tool!

The Hanger

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie is extremely smart! This is a great speed training system that is supported by an app, which helps you track your performance as well as gives you a plan to follow. Speed is such an important part of the game so there’s no point in being left behind. The further you hit the ball, the better you’ll score… it’s science!

The Stack Speed Training Aid

A super flexible shaft with a 7 iron head. Fun! But, here’s the thing. Contrary to the name, I personally don’t want you thinking anything about LAG. Honestly, it’s killer to all amateurs who don’t really understand how it works. In my mind, the key to this tool is tempo. I see so many golfers with very fast transitions at the top of their golf swing. Smooth is fast, fast is smooth! Think Ernie Els, Fred Couples, and Vijay Singh. Smooooooth as creamy peanut butter.

LagShot 7 Iron

I know, I know. Chat GPT already said it! I know I said you should already have them, but seriously, you should have them! There are so many ways that you can use these that you probably aren’t even aware of. Alignment is so important, but it’s not sexy to talk about, so you’re not going to see a million YouTube videos on it. But, like I said, it’s so important. In addition to that, you can use them for avoidance drills to work on your path or use them under your trail arm to work on your connection and rotation. There are so many different ways to use them. GET ‘EM!

Alignment Sticks

Pro Tip: You don’t need to spend $40 in a proshop. Instead, go to Home Depot and get driveway sticks. They’re about $3 each and work like a charm!

That’s my list of favourites! What do you think? What is your go-to training aid for your golf game?

Do you want help deciding what training aids might improve your game? Visit and book in for an online evaluation!

Happy Golfing!

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